Thursday, August 21, 2008

Election 2008 Presidential Debate Preview

Here is the schedule of Presidential debates in Election 2008. The Commission on Presidential Debates will sponser the events. Since the race by all measures is very close, these debates may well decide the outcome.

The first debate is scheduled for Sept. 26 at the University of Mississippi. The debate will focus on foreign policy and national security, and John McCain and Barack Obama will answer questions from moderator Jim Lehrer while standing at podiums.

On Oct. 7, the two Presidential candidates will meet again for a town-hall style debate at Belmont University. Moderator Tom Brokaw will call on audience members and pose questions submitted through the Internet.

The third presidential debate, on domestic and economic policy, is slated for Oct. 15 at Hofstra University. Both McCain and Obama will sit at a table with moderator Schieffer.

Vice Presidential contenders are to meet Oct. 2 at Washinton University in St. Louis.

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