Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton Starts Her 2012 Presidential Campaign

When you lose a close election like Hillary Clinton, you have several things that you must do if you want to make a political comeback.

First, you must command a nationwide audience at a major political convention speech. Then, you must appear to be a good loser because nobody in America likes a poor loser. Next, you must appear to rise above the circumstances of your close defeat.

In addition, you must be faithful to your party. You must endorse the party nominee and be positive and reflective. It would be great if you could add an appropriate touch of humor. The attack on the other political party nominee is an absolute must.

For Hillary Clinton, an adoring daughter and the picture of a devoted, proud and dedicated husband were the icing on the cake. Her speech by all accounts last night achieved all of her goals. She leaves the political stage in 2008 but is well positioned for her Presidential campaign of 2012. However, to have a real shot for the White House in 2012 she still needs Barack Obama to lose this November to John McClain.

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