Friday, August 8, 2008

A Loss Of Three Media Pro's: Novak, Russert, and Snow

The national media has lost three familiar faces in the last few months. All were established political media pro's. Here is a brief overview of the distinguished career of each man.

Tony Snow: White House Press Secretary and Speech Writer under the last two Republican Presidents. Newspaper columnist, and frequent contributor to Fox news channel, Snow had his own nationally syndicated talk radio program. He could also often be seen on National Public Radio providing news commentary. In July 2008, Snow passed away after an extended bout with cancer.

Tim Russert: The NBC news Senior Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief had his own weekend program. Russert covered many Presidential elections and was known for his penetrating questions to candidates of both political parties. He was an author and the host of the popular television program, Meet The Press. Time Magazine incuded Tim Russert in its 100 most influential people in the world in 2008. Russert died of a sudden heart attack in June 2008.

Robert Novak: Novak announced his sudden retirement in August 2008 after a dire prognosis concerning a recently discovered brain tumor. He was responsible for writing the longest running syndicated column in America today. Novak's column has appeared in the national media for more than forty five consecutive years. In addition to being a columnist, Novak was a jounalist and a well known television personality. Once a Democrat, Novak was known for reporting from a Republican perspective in recent years.

America has lost three distinquished political media professionals this summer. Their insightful political commentary will be missed in this election year and well beyond.

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