Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Edwards Joins The Club Of Self Destruction

John Edwards admitted yesterday what he previously had always denied. He admitted an affair in 2006 with an novice female film maker employed with his campaign. The National Enquirer can fill you in on all the specific details.

However, all you really have to know is that the allegations include a script right out of the plot line of the movie Mamma Mia because Edwards joined the brotherhood of traveling pants.

Edwards tells us that his affair occurred while his wife was in remission from cancer in 2006 and that he did not really love his mistress. He denies fostering a love child but has not yet taken a paternity test. Are we really suppose to believe this or to care?

The reality of all of this is that John Edwards political career is over and the incredible hypocrisy of his 2008 election campaign is now in full view for everyone to see.

Edwards ran his campaign as a caring husband and family man. The multi-millionaire with the $100 haircuts also campaigned as the champion of the poor.
The truth is that Edwards is now just another dubious politician that has joined the club of self destruction.

However, there may yet be fallout from all of this in the Democratic convention. There are minefields for Barack Obama to navigate. He has to decide if Edwards has a place at the convention. Also, Edwards delegates are not bound to vote for him on the first ballot. Will they swing to Hillary Clinton?

For the mainstream media, questions of its objectivity abound. Is the National Enquirer now the national standard of investigative excellence? Was this Edwards sordid affair story intentionally suppressed because he was a Democrat?

The public already believes that the media is favoring Barack Obama in this 2008 Election campaign. The handling of Edwards story will do nothing to change that opinion.
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