Thursday, August 21, 2008

Election 2008 Democratic Convention Preview

Here is the daily schedule for the Democratic Convention to be held from August 25, 2008 through August 28, 2008. The Convention forum is the Pepsi Center while Barack Obama's acceptance speech will be given at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado.

Sunday August 25

A Democratic National Convention Interfaith Gathering will be held at "2:00 pm MT, at the Wells Fargo Theater, inside the Colorado Convention Center." It will be the first time the DNCC has hosted such an event and will be "the first official event for the 2008 Convention.

Monday August 26

The theme for the day is "One Nation". The prime time speaker is Michelle Obama. Other speakers will include, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson Jr. , Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Claire Mccaskill and various Democratic Mayors. A tribute to Ted Kennedy is also planned.

Tuesday August 26

The theme for the day is "Renewing America's Promise". Headline Prime Time speaker will be Hillary Clinton. Former Virginina Governor, Mark Warner will give the Keynote Address. Other speakers include Senators, Patrick Leahy and Bob Casey and numerous Democratic Governors.

Wednesday August 27

The theme for the day is "Securing America's Future" . The evening will feature the Vice Presidential candidates speech. Other speakers will include Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson, John Kerry, and other Democratic Senators. There will also be a roll call on this day and Hillary Clinton's name will be placed in nomination. There is also a tribute to War Veterans on the schedule.

Thursday August 28
The theme for the day is "Change You Can Believe In". Barack Obama will accept the nomination in a speech at Mile High Stadium. He will be joined by former Vice President Al Gore.

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