Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paris Hilton And Media Objectivity In Election 2008

John McCain releases campaign ads that depict Barack Obama as a celebrity like Paris Hilton after Obama's international tour before an adoring national media. Then, Paris Hilton releases a video spoof (I hope its a spoof) to announce she has entered the presidential race. Meanwhile the National Enquirer continues to run stories about John Edwards and his alleged sordid affair complete with pictures of his love child.
These Edwards stories have not yet been covered by the mainstream media even though Edwards was a major candidate in the Democratic Primaries and was on the short list for Vice President.
However, with Election Day still three months away, 48 percent of the American public said they're hearing too much about Democratic candidate, Barack Obama according to a poll released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. Just 26 percent said the same about his Republican rival, John McCain.
So far this election campaign is certainly issue light and tabloid personality heavy. The coverage and objectivity of the national media is in question and if they could ever see the sight of Paris Hilton connected to a Presidential election, our founding fathers would be in a profound state of shock.
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