Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barack Obama's First One Hundred Days in Office

Most public opinion polls show that his support continues to be strong with the American public after his first one hundred days in office.

However, tea party protests have begun to challenge government spending which continues to go unrestrained.

In the first hundred days the Obama administration has outlined policies that are clearly to the left of the center of the political spectrum. Taxes on the highest levels of income will eventually be raised. Capital gains tax cuts will not be continued and Cap and Trade if passed will be an energy tax on every American.

Meanwhile, a deep recession continues in America but economic stimulus saw more pork than stimulus and many think all that spending was really just for political gain. Government intervention into banks and the automotive industry have given Obama a socialist label but he says the need to solve the current economic crisis is to blame.

There has been a European trip and the President has engaged and reached out to former adversaries. However, NATO commitments for new troops in Afghanistan have not materialized and North Korea has test launched another missle. Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan continue to pose major foreign policy challenges.

So, where are we headed and what will be the result of the President's first one hundred days in office?

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Homeland Security And The Crime Of Illegal Immigration

For many people, its hard to understand how Janet Napolitano was ever approved as the Secretary of Homeland Security.

The fact is that it is now obvious that she knows little about the criminal aspects of illegal immigration, can't adequately assess terrorist risk to the country or has even a basic understanding of the problems along the countries borders.

In the last few weeks, the Secretary of Homeland Security has stated that the illegal crossing of the U.S. border is not a crime. She thinks that the the border between Canada and the United States is more problematic than the U.S. border with Mexico.

Meanwhile, her Department of Homeland Security - thinks the highest future terrorist risk comes from returning members of the United States military that listen to right wing extremists.

The fact is the more she speaks, the more national insecurity the entire country feels. So, by now everyone should realize that Janet Napolitano was not appointed to her job because of her understanding of law enforcement, crime, borders or any other aspect of homeland security.

No, she was a pure political appointment chosen to insure that the laws against illegal immigration will not be fully enforced because illegal immigrants are important in the census headcount next year. The prospect of real law enforcement would scare illegal immigrants out of the country or drive them underground. Certainly, it will not make them eager to be visable and counted in the 2010 census.

That's right, people that have illegally entered the country will again be counted in the once in a decade census in 2010. Indeed, the result of the census may have far reaching political consequences for both political parties. Congressional seats, Presidential electoral votes, and federal funding allocation between the states are all subject to a decade of change.

So, Homeland Security and the crime of illegal immigration are once again reduced to a political pandering census game. This has been going on now for two decades and its a national shame.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Thirty Five Days In A Row Without A Sunspot

The blank sun continues in 2009. It marks the third year in a row that solar activity has been at a minimum.

In fact, today marks the absence of a observed sunspot for the thirty fifth consecutive day in 2009.

The current decrease in sunspot activity is beginning to look like the long solar minimum that occurred from 1795 to 1830, known as the Dalton Minimum. During this period of time global temperatures dramatically decreased and volcanic eruptions increased. In the northeast United States, 1816 became known as the year without a summer with snow in the month of June.

A correlation of a lack of sunspot activity and frigid global temperatures also occurred in a period lasting from 1645-1715 when sunspots were 1/1000th of normal. This period was called the Maunder Minimum. It heralded the arrival of the Little Ice Age, a period when glaciers advanced and bitterly cold winters occurred in many regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

The lack of sunspots in this solar cycle (cycle 24) may well mean much colder times are ahead. Sunspot activity during recent decades has been the highest seen in the past 8,000 years and is probably the reason that the global climate has warmed during the 20th century.

The lack of current solar activity has ramifications for the global climate of the next few decades. Its now been more than a month since the last observed sunspot. The longer the sun remains blank and solar activity remains weak, the more interesting this solar cycle minimum will become.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Boys Of Summer And The Baseball Phenom

Baseball season is about to begin once again. The Boys of Summer have returned to play our national pastime for the next six months. Of course, scandal continues to plague the game with steroid abuse once again in the news during the off season.

Since baseball is a game of records and stars, all those discredited home run statistics by star players are an incredible shame.

However, there is another story that has begun to gain national attention. Its a story of talent and a growing legend of a pitcher that can throw a baseball harder than anyone ever has. Even faster than Nolan Ryan or Randy Johnson in their prime.

The baseball phenom of this spring has not even been in any major league camp yet. He pitches in college for San Diego State. His fastball is consistently clocked at 101 miles per hour and has hit 103 on the radar gun. Despite his velocity he has amazing control. In 210 innings of college and international competition since 2006, he’s walked only 45 batters while striking out 316.

Indeed, Steven Strasburg is dominating college like no pitcher ever has. He has 74 strikeouts in 34 1/3 innings, meaning only 29 outs have come via batted ball. He fanned 23 batters in one game last year, and in seven outings with Team USA last summer, culminating with the Beijing Olympics, he struck out 62 in 41 innings.

Baseball executives believe the asking price for the Washington Nationals who hold the first overall pick, will start at $15 million. So, its batter up for the new season but watch for this kid in the future. For now he is just a college phenom but he may well become the best pitcher major league baseball has ever seen.

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