Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin's Political Counterpunch

For the last five days, bloggers from the fringe left aided by the mainstream media have been on a Sarah Palin jihad. The political attacks were mostly about her qualifications and her family but make no mistake, they were driven by her conservative politics.

The political attacks were relentless: Her 17 year old daughter was pregnant, therefore Sarah was not a good mother. Sarah Palin's recent child with Down Syndrome was really her daughters child and there should be a DNA test to determine the real mother was another absurd fictional creation from the fringe left blogosphere.

The National Enquirer, the new 2008 standard for investigative jounalism (see "The John Edwards Fairy Tale Campaign of 2008" on wrote without any tangible evidence from unnamed sources that she once had an affair. We discovered that her husband had a DUI arrest nearly twenty two years ago. Still others in the media wrote and opined that she should not have run because she had five kids and would not be able to balance the time.

Last night, Sarah Palin answered these critics with a speech that was different in style from the marvelous speech last week given by Barack Obama but every bit as good. She made the case for the election of John McCain. She made the best case yet by any Republican against voting for Barack Obama. In doing both she answered the skeptics and made the case for her own selection to the second spot on the Republican ticket.

Sarah Palin did it all with poise, a smile on her face, humor and with the smooth delivery of a seasoned veteran. It's hard to believe that she is only 44 years old. No matter what the outcome of Election 2008, America has seen the rising stars of the next political generation. It may be that this election is just the first round of several which will feature Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

America has not had two politicians that are gifted communicators like these two people in either political party for many years. Last night at the Republican National Convention, Sarah Palin answered her critics and came out swinging. She certainly proved that she has a potent political counterpunch. It may well be that the difference between a pit bull and this hockey mom is only the lipstick.

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