Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Democrats: Top Three For VP

Barack Obama will soon choose his Vice Presidential running mate. There are certainly no shortage of qualified Democratic candidates. However, his choice needs to provide the ticket with the following: 1. Add experience to the ticket. 2. Add electoral votes by appealing to a specific demographic of voters. 3. Come from a swing state in election 2008 or a state voting for the Republican party in 2004. The choice for V.P. cannot upstage Barack Obama and cannot be involved with controversy or bring negative publicity that can detract from the 2008 campaign. Based on this criteria, the following Democrats are likely not under consideration; Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards ( He currently is involved in a messy National Enquirer story)and Joe Biden (past plagerism) . Sam Nunn would provide extensive foreign policy experience with twenty years as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee but his selection would bring a washington insider that would not fit into the campaign theme of change. So, who is on the short list of likely candidates to share the 2008 Democratic ticket with Barack Obama? Here is the eWorldvu.com top three for Democratic V.P. :

Kathleen Sebelius-Governor of Kansas would place that state in play. Sebelius on ticket would bring the female vote. Ticket of a black man and a female would certainly signal change for the Democrats in election 2008.

Tom Kaine-Governor of Virginia for the last two years. He would put that Republican state in play. He appeals to Catholics and middle class white voters.

Evan Bayh-Senator from Indiana and former Governor of the State. Appeals to Catholics and white Middle Class voters. He comes from a swing state in election 2008. Brings a moderate to the ticket and has recently stated his interest in the number 2 slot.

Tomorrow we will look at the Republican top three for V.P..

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